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April 2, 2021

The IRCC has announced that due to COVID-19, there will be some delay in processing and more priority will be given to applications from people who are exempt from travel restrictions (i.e Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada, person registered under Canada’s Indian Act, protected person, eligible foreign nationals)  and has thus updated its processing timelines to suit its operational and logistics capacity at this time due to the backlog of applications.

Below is a breakdown of the processing time;

  1. Permanent Residency – The IRCC stated that it was finalizing most of the Canadian Experience Class applications that were received between May 24 2020 and May 30, 2020. 
  1. Students – The IRCC is processing and finalizing most study applications, study permits, study permit extensions and work permit for students that were received between December 13 2020 and December 19, 2020. 
  1. Permanent Residency (PR) Cards – If you are applying for your PR card (either for the first time or for a renewal or replacement) check the online status tool to see the status of your application. New PR cards are currently being processed in about 125 days while renewals are about 80 days.
  1. Citizen- Please see timeline in the table below;
  1. Temporary Workers – Please see timeline in the table below;
  1. Family – Please see timeline in the table below;

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