CRS Score Calculator

This tool lets you estimate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for Express Entry immigration to Canada.

CRS Score Calculator

Age (maximum 110 points)

Canadian immigration candidates entering the Express Entry pool without a spouse or common-law partner are eligible for up to 110 points under this criterion of the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. Candidates with a spouse or common-law partner are eligible for up to 100 points. Canada prefers young immigrants, and prospective candidates in their twenties receive the most points under this eligibility factor. Potential immigrants who are 45 years of age or older do not receive any Express Entry CRS points for their age.


Level of Education (maximum 150 points)

Canada is very interested in attracting highly educated immigrants. This Canada Express Entry eligibility factor rewards prospective immigrants who have excellent educational qualifications. Well educated immigrants that do not have a spouse or common-law partner can be awarded as many as 150 points under this component. Express Entry candidates interested in immigrating to Canada with a spouse or common-law partner can obtain up to 140 points. Candidates who have not graduated from high school receive zero Express Entry points under this section.

Language Proficiency (maximum 160 points)

When determining Express Entry eligibility, the ability to communicate in one of Canada’s official languages is important. English proficiency and French proficiency are determined according to four abilities: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each of these abilities is equally weighted under the Canada Express Entry eligibility formula. Express Entry applicants without a spouse or common-law partner are awarded up to 34 points for each first language ability, for a total of 136 points (34 x 4). Applicants with a spouse can get up to 32 points per first language ability, for a total of 128 points (32 x 4). For both types of applicants, each of these language abilities is worth up to 6 points as a second language for a total of 24 points (6 x 4). This means it is possible to be awarded up to 160 points (136 + 24) under this Express Entry eligibility factor as a prospective immigrant without a spouse, while candidates with a partner are eligible for up to 150 points.


Canadian Work Experience (maximum 80 points)

Previous work experience in Canada can increase the probability of a new immigrant succeeding in their career, and is consequently an important factor when calculating Canada Express Entry eligibility. Applicants with a spouse or common-law partner are eligible for up to 70 points for this Comprehensive Ranking System component, while those with no spouse or partner are eligible for as many as 80 points.


Additional Factors (maximum 600 points)

Candidates for immigration to Canada who are entering the Express Entry pool can gain a significant increase to their total CRS score by being nominated by a Canada Provincial Nominee Program, receiving a qualifying arranged job offer or having graduated from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada. This Express Entry Canada eligibility component awards candidates for Canadian immigration a maximum of 600 points, so a provincial nomination and a qualified job offer or Canadian diploma can never be combined for a CRS increase of more than 600 points.