Written by Japa Abroad

April 24, 2021

The process of moving abroad could be a herculean task but these tips could help your transition be a lot more stressless;

  1. Save as much money as you can save 

it is safe to save at least six-months worth of savings when moving abroad. Also check out the exchange rate and the cost of living in your new home. Having a monthly budget and plan for unanticipated costs will also come in very handy.

  1. Research on the best location for you and long term plans

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  1. Seek out career opportunities that suit your new location

Prepare, learn, be open to other career paths. You may also have to tweak your resume to fit into the work culture of the new country. You can follow @Heelsandtech to transition irrespective of your professional background

  1. Prepare for culture shock

No matter how well prepared you are before your trip, moving to a foreign country always means experiencing a bit of a culture shock and after the excitement has worn off, you might start feeling a little homesick because of how different things are. It’s part of the process so keep your mind open and explore.

  1. Get your paperwork sorted

Moving abroad comes with a lot of paperwork to deal with. Ensure that you get your papers ready early – work permits, taxes, insurance etc as it can take a while to get everything approved and set up.

  1. Build a network

Having a network and support system abroad is a big deal. Use social media to reach out to people you might want to know in your new destination. You should also join local online communities, Facebook groups etc to meet people.

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